Modern Furnaces Make Less Noise And Are Far More Efficient

A technician replacing a furnace’s filter.

Frosty winter nights and chilly winter days in Monroe, NC will have you reaching for the thermostat. If your home’s furnace is more than 15-20 years old, makes too much noise, or costs too much to operate, now is an ideal time to replace it. Modern furnace systems offer convenience, energy efficiency, and quiet operation that will enhance your comfort for many years.

Less Noise

Older furnaces with single-stage motors are noisy. As furnaces age, they get louder. Unusual sounds, such as banging and grinding, indicate a furnace problem . Modern furnace systems operate quietly. They have two- or multi-stage motors, which don’t make as much noise when they start and stop. Modern furnace systems also feature sound dampening equipment. You’ll barely hear a hum when your new furnace performs a heating cycle.

Better Energy Efficiency

According to the Department of Energy , modern furnace systems are up to 98.5% efficient. This means that just 1.5% of the energy they consume isn’t converted into heat. Electronic ignitions, sealed combustion chambers, and secondary heat exchangers are just a few of the features that make new furnaces more efficient . You’ll benefit from lower utility bills throughout the winter after you schedule installation of these high-quality heating products.

Easy to Use

Modern furnace systems offer compatibility with home automation systems and smart thermostats . This allows you to integrate the furnace into the rest of your Wi-Fi-enabled equipment. If you’re not home, you can use the app on your phone or tablet to adjust the temperature. Geo-fencing features in the app signal to your furnace when you’re on your way home. It will adjust your home’s temperature, so it will be cozy as soon as you arrive. Programming a heating schedule for your new furnace will lower your wintertime heating expenses.

For more details about modern furnace systems, take a look at Byrum Heating & A/C, Inc.’s high-quality heating products , or contact us today.

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