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Our Maintenance Plans

Routine Maintenance is Critical to Keeping You
Cool and Comfortable

Whether it’s saving money by conserving more energy, reducing the need for repairs or prolonging your system’s lifespan, there are many benefits to investing in a routine maintenance agreement. For homeowners, the initial cost will pay for itself by lowering monthly utility bills by up to a whopping 40 percent. As a business owner, you’ll avoid the costly consequences that a breakdown could lead to–including a decrease in employee activity, or fewer visits from customers. Although the initial investment in a routine maintenance plan might seem daunting to many, Byrum Heating & A/C, believes it’s cheaper to be safe today than sorry later. When selecting an HVAC contractor to perform routine AC or heating maintenance on your system, make sure you choose a Trane Comfort Specialist .

Why Invest in a Routine Maintenance Plan?

  • Manufacturers require that HVAC systems receive annual maintenance.
  • Regular maintenance allows the technician to catch small issues before they become large ones.
  • Improved efficiency reduces operating costs.
  • Extend the life of your equipment.

Routine Maintenance Plans as low as $17.32/month + Tax

To enroll in a regular maintenance, call Byrum Heating & AC Company. We’re ready to make sure your system is working as efficiently as possible.

Receive up to $1000 in Loyalty Rewards

For every consecutive year you renew your service plan, you earn $100 in Loyalty Rewards, up to $1000. Use them toward the purchase of replacement equipment from us.

Maintenance Tech
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When you sign up for our Energy Save Plan, you’ll also enjoy these added benefits:

15% Invoice Discount.
Extended Equipment Life
Peace of Mind
Yearly Budget
Safe Operation
Safe Operation
Priority Service
24-Hour Live Answering
A/C Cleaning Service
Heating System Cleaning Service
Lower Operating Cost
Easy Payment Options

Protect your investment with Home Care Inspections

Inspection, cleaning, or replacing owner-furnished filters

Refrigerant pressure checks to ensure proper system operation and comfort

Tightening electrical connections to prevent loose wiring problems

Check for proper voltage and amp draws for optimum operating performance

Oiling and greasing of bearings and motors

Check and replace fan belt for wear and tension if applicable

Check and clean the condensate drain system and test proper performance

Ensure that all electrical controls and safeties are properly working

Clean indoor and outdoor coils for optimum operating efficiency during spring/summer service visit

Test each system for the proper seasonal operation and performance

Check defrost, ignition controls, and operating controls

Byrum Service members in front of truck