Need Help Setting Up a New Home Automation Hub?

A Trane Smart Thermostat

As you add smart devices to your Monroe, NC home, it makes sense to include a home automation hub. A hub is designed to control all the communications between your smart devices. It also connects the devices to a single network for easier integration. If you’re having some trouble setting up your hub, follow these tips or simply contact our qualified service technicians.

Verify Compatibility

Many problems with the setup of home automation hubs result from incompatible operating systems. If you’re trying to connect Android and iOS devices, you’ll have a tough time finding one hub to do it. If one of your devices has an old operating system that’s no longer supported by the software company, you’ll probably need to replace it before you can connect it to your hub.

Install Proprietary Hubs First

Don’t toss those proprietary hubs just yet. If you do, your devices may lose some of their functionality. For the best results, connect your proprietary hubs to your home automation hub, then connect individual devices to the hub. Connecting the proprietary hubs to the main hub is what allows your smart smoke detector to unlock your home’s smart locks if smoke is detected. Without the pairing of the two types of hubs, the proprietary smoke detector may be unable to communicate with the door locks.

Secure Your Hub

According to Internet of Things Agenda , you must secure your home automation hub. In many well-published events, unsecured hubs and security flaws allowed nefarious parties to gain access to homes and devices, resulting in loss of privacy, damage to homes, and theft of belongings. To secure your hub, change the password to a complicated, single-use passphrase, avoid sharing serial numbers, update your firmware and software and deploy multi-factor authentication.

Does all of this sound too confusing? Are you still having trouble setting up your home automation hub? If so, take a look at Byrum Heating & A/C, INC.’s home automation services , or contact our qualified service technicians today for professional help.

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