The Importance Of Proper HVAC Design and Implementation

A Carrier air conditioning unit installed on the exterior of a building

When it’s time for a new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system for your home or business in Marshville, NC, the importance of proper design and implementation can’t be understated. According to the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy , heating and air conditioning account for about 50% of your utility bills. A poor HVAC design or problematic installation will have a big impact on your budget and comfort. Here are some of the ways in which proper HVAC design and installation by our system installation experts will benefit you.

Lower Energy Use

The right HVAC design depends on an accurate load test of your home or building. The load test takes into account your building’s age, construction materials, amount of sunlight, square footage, ceiling height, number and type of windows, and the types of equipment in the structure. With the proper ductwork and system design, your new equipment won’t use as much energy. You’ll have a smaller carbon footprint, and you’ll save money on utility costs.

Attain the Manufacturer’s Stated Energy Efficiency

In order to attain the manufacturer’s stated energy efficiency for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment you purchase, it needs to be designed and installed by skilled technicians. For example, a new, variable-speed air conditioning unit needs to be matched to the right type of air handler for both systems to deliver the stated seasonal energy efficiency ratio from the manufacturer. Without a proper design and installation, the equipment won’t operate at its peak efficiency level.

Avoid Excessive Wear and Tear

A poor HVAC design may cause your new heating or cooling equipment to experience excessive wear and tear. Improper installation of the equipment can also lead to this problem. A well-designed HVAC system operates quietly because it’s balanced, fine-tuned, and well-lubricated.

Enjoy Consistent Temperature and Humidity Control

With the ideal HVAC design, your home or building will have consistent temperature control. This means there won’t be any annoying drafts, cool areas, or hot spots that cause discomfort. The vents won’t create air currents that blow papers and other items around the room. You won’t have to fuss with the thermostat when the system consistently cools every area of your home or building. Proper HVAC design is also needed for maintaining an ideal indoor humidity level of 30% to 50%. At this level, the human body can release heat and moisture through sweat. If the humidity exceeds this level, the body can’t cool itself as effectively. Sensitive electronic and mechanical equipment can also be damaged by excessive indoor humidity. At low humidity levels, you may experience static shocks, skin irritation, and dry eyes, nose, or throat. Getting the design of your HVAC system right protects your health and well-being and all of the items within your home or building.

Help Prevent Malfunctions and Breakdowns

A poor HVAC design may lead to more frequent part malfunctions and system breakdowns. With a proper HVAC design, the risk of component failures and system issues is much lower. Each home or building is different from the next, which is why the structure’s unique features need to be taken into consideration in the design and installation of new heating and cooling equipment. A design failure or faulty installation will cost you more money in the long run if parts continuously malfunction or the system frequently breaks down. The right HVAC design and installation prevents disruptions of your comfort and preserves the continuity of your business functions.

Extend the System’s Lifespan

When a proper HVAC design is used for your new equipment, the whole system will have a longer lifespan. New heating and cooling systems are considerable investments, and you don’t want them to wear out faster than expected. Pairing the right design with the skills of our system installation experts helps ensure that your new equipment will reach or even exceed its average life expectancy.

For more information about proper HVAC design, take a look at Byrum Heating & A/C, Inc’s HVAC installation services , or contact our system installation experts today.

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